Teeth Whitening Tips

Teeth Whitening Tips

When it comes to teeth, many people are concerned about the brightness of their smile. Our typical daily habits can cause stains and yellowing on our teeth that dim our smiles. Teeth whitening is a great option for lifting stains and getting back your confidence in your smile! Here, we have compiled some tips for whiter teeth, and how to keep them that way.

  1. Daily Routine

The most obvious, but also most important tip for whiter teeth is practicing good oral hygiene. It’s tried and true: brushing your teeth twice a day for around two minutes each time. Dedicating just four minutes of your day to taking care of your teeth can make massive impacts on the brightness of your smile. Cultivating a daily flossing routine can also benefit your dental health and improve the whiteness of your teeth.

  1. Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Investing in a whitening toothpaste can be another game-changer for your smile. Teeth whitening doesn’t always have to include bleaching trays or damage. Something as simple as a whitening toothpaste can make all the difference in your smile.

  1. Avoid Food and Drinks that Stain

One of the easiest ways to yellow your teeth is through food and drink. Our daily cup of coffee or tea, while an important part of our morning, can be causing your smile to yellow. Even eating berries can stain your teeth. The solution would be to avoid these things, but if that isn’t an option for you, opt for drinking your coffee through a straw, or doing a rinse with water after eating or drinking any of these things. 

  1. Foods that Whiten

Alternatively, there are foods that can help to whiten your teeth! Foods that cause you to produce saliva can actually help in the whitening process. For example, apples and celery can cause you to produce more saliva because of their fibrous nature.

  1. Talk to Your Dentist

Beyond that, talking to your dentist about whitening options is the next best thing. By talking with your dentist, you can help to prevent excessive damage from store-bought whitening kits. Your dentist knows your teeth. Depending on how sensitive or soft your teeth may be, your dentist can come up with solutions to brighten your smile, while keeping you out of pain. Most dental offices have options to do laser whitening for fast results, or they can make trays for you to do at-home bleaching for a slower, but more budget-friendly option.

At Matthew Smiles Dentistry, we offer laser whitening and at-home bleaching. If you are looking into cosmetic dentistry, look no further. Matthew Smiles Dentist Provo is here to guide you on your path to a whiter, brighter smile. We know how it feels to walk out of the dentist feeling refreshed after a cleaning and whitening. There’s no better confidence boost than refreshing your smile. Whether you have an important event on the horizon, or are just looking to freshen up, you can schedule an appointment with us! For the best family dentistry Provo has to offer, call us at Matthew Smiles.

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