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If you have missing or unsightly teeth, you might miss the benefits of a flawless smile. Not only do you struggle to eat or speak when you have missing teeth, you might also be very self-conscious about your teeth. We are dedicated to restoring your smile so that it is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. We provide dental implants for the Provo, UT, area.

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If you have missing teeth and struggle with dentures and other replacement teeth, dental implants from Matthews Smiles can help. Dentures can be difficult because they’re often uncomfortable and difficult to eat and speak with. Dental implants, however, are bonded with your jawbone, so they are stable and feel as sturdy as your real teeth.When you choose to get dental implants with Matthews Smiles, we will discuss the procedure with you and recommend a diet to follow after the procedure. We’ll surgically place the implants in your jawbone. In the time between the initial implantation and your next appointment, the bone will grow around the implant and hold it in place.The last step involved is placing the artificial tooth, which we match perfectly to the rest of your teeth.
The result is a flawless, natural-looking smile you can be proud of.


What Our Patients Say

  • "Dr. Matthews is wonderful! His staff is very helpful, friendly, and professional. Even my 6 year old said, “Mom, that dentist man is very nice!” Matthews Smiles makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience, which I didn’t know was possible!"
  • “My family has been going to Dr. Matthews for the past 13 years and we love him! He is very professional yet personable. He stays current with his clinical knowledge and equipment. He does a great job and I can trust him, which is a big deal. His front staff is very friendly, and he has an amazing hygienist, Ginger. She is the most down-to-earth person you’ll meet – she always remembers what’s going on in your life. She also does a very thorough job in her cleanings. I highly recommend Dr. Blake Matthews office!”
  • “My kids are disappointed if one gets to go to the dentist and the other doesn’t. Dr. Blake Matthews and those who work with him are friendly and very, very accommodating to make sure you are comfortable. I also appreciate how Dr. Matthews takes the time to explain different options regarding the treatment available for me and my family! We HIGHLY recommend!”
  • “Dr. Blake has been our family dentist for over 20 years. We love him and his staff. They do their best to make any unpleasant procedures as pleasant as possible, which is nice. We trust him and his staff with our smiles!”

Matthews Smiles

Your dental health is important to you. That’s why you should trust your teeth to Matthews Smile. We are a family-owned and -operated dental office that has served patients in the Provo, UT, area for over 45 years. We have experience you can trust and knowledge you can rely on.If you think you would benefit from dental implants, come speak to an experienced dentist. We will discuss the process with you and examine your teeth for any existing issues that need to be resolved before implants are implemented. We’ll do everything we can to give you a beautiful smile.Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 801-377-9600. We look forward to hearing from you.


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery is performed by dental professionals to replace teeth and roots with a permanent replacement. The titanium screws replace decayed roots and act as an important anchor for a replacement tooth. The end result leaves the patient with teeth that function much like natural teeth.

Dental implants are a perfect way to replace teeth when missing teeth and lack of roots prevents other dental work such as crowns from being an option. It is also another wonderful option in place of dentures or dental bridgework which are older dental techniques which don’t always fit well and lack the natural aesthetic of a natural smile.

Implant surgery is performed on a case by case basis and a thorough examination will take place before any procedure. During your exam, the condition of your jawbone, root and gum-line, surrounding teeth, and oral hygiene will be taken into account in order to determine the best type of implant for your unique smile. Here at Matthews Smiles, we want to ensure that your teeth remain strong and that the new implant supports your natural teeth and that the bone heals tightly around the implant.

We take into account the healing process and will be sure to help every step of the way so each dental implant procedure is a successful one.


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Why are Dental Implants important & why implant surgery is performed:

When teeth are missing, pulled, or rotted, the tissue which makes up your gums as well as the structure of your jawbone is affected. You may have noticed that in older movies, cartoons, and even pictures, the elderly had long lower jawbones that seemed to stick out. Along with this, it seemed that they had at times comically large chins. This is due to the lack of teeth which lead to jawbone decay. When there are no teeth and no roots, the jaw begins to deteriorate and over time you will lose a large portion of your jawbone.

The old solution to this problem was dentures. Dentures, while still used today, are not always the best solution and have become far from the norm. Before dental practice was both affordable and backed by medical knowledge, it was normal for teeth to be pulled at a young age and to have a set of dentures carved to replace them.

With modern technology, medical procedures, and equipment, dentists can create implants which fuse to your jawbone. These titanium implant screws will not slip or cause bone damage the way certain bridgework or denture replacements might.

Dental implants stimulate bone growth and can help to preserve natural bone which is not accomplished by any other dental restoration procedure.

Major Issues Matthews Smiles can help resolve with dental implants:

Replace one
or more teeth

Improve oral bone strength

Help to improve speech

Recreate your beautiful smile with natural looking replacements


No Insurance? No Problem!

At Matthews Smiles Dentistry, we think everyone should be able to get the great dental care they need, even if you don’t have dental insurance. That’s why we offer our new patients a special dental membership plan for just $287 a year. This yearly membership program will get you cleanings, exams, X-rays, and additional discounts on our other dental services.

How are Dental Implant Surgeries conducted? What should you expect and prepare for?

The first thing to know is that this procedure is performed in stages to allow for proper healing to occur between each procedure. Due to the multiple steps required, the best results occur when the surgery is undergone and adapted to fit each individual patient. Perhaps you know someone who has had their wisdom teeth removed. While some recover and heal quickly, others take more time. Matthews Smiles understands that difference and we strive to deliver only the best results. For us to help you get the smile you are looking for, we will see that you have treatments which are tailored to your specific needs. Here are the steps:

  • Damaged tooth remove
  • Jawbone preparation. (Grafting may be required)
  • Dental implant placement
  • Healing process for the jawbone to grow and heal around the implant
  • Abutment placement. This is where the artificial tooth crown will be placed
  • Artificial tooth placement and fastening.

Each situation is different and the above steps can be combined or separated to see that proper healing is accomplished.
Remember, each dental solution here at Matthews Smiles is tailored to each individual patient and we take great care in ensuring that you get the care that is right for your smile. If you or a family member has been considering dental implants as a solution for tooth replacement, schedule a consultation with Matthews Smiles today!


Historical Facts about Dental Implants

The idea for dental implants has been around for thousands of years and the first dental implants can be tracked back as far as 600 AD. These rudimentary implants were tooth-like pieces of shell which were hammered into the jaw as a way to replace the tooth.

Of all the dental restoration options available to modern patients, dental implants are the only option which preserve natural bone. The discovery made in 1952 by dental surgeon P. I. Branemark, showed that titanium will naturally fuze with the bone. This research provided the fundamental data for what has become a modern dental implant procedure.


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