Invisible Braces Available for the Provo, UT, Area

Sometimes people would like a straighter smile, but they don’t want to deal with the downside of braces. There are the uncomfortable wire and brackets chaffing on the inside of your mouth and the notorious food restrictions. Of course, there are also the aesthetic challenges that come with braces as metal wire is placed all over your teeth for 2-3 years. Factor in the teasing and nicknames associated with braces, and many people decide to avoid the issue.

Clear braces work on the exact same principles as traditional braces. The most obvious difference is that they use materials that blend in with your natural teeth so that you can avoid the distracting wires and braces that are part of traditional braces.

We will take impressions, photos, and x-rays of your teeth so that custom-fitted braces can be fabricated just for you. As your teeth begin to move into place, more aligners are used to steadily bring your crooked teeth into a straight smile! This treatment can take 6-18 months.

Call Matthews Smiles today and let us show you what a difference clear braces can make for you.