Teeth Whitening

The lifestyle that many Americans live is not friendly to the color of your teeth. Coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes, and other products diminish the white smile that we all crave. At Matthews Smiles, we offer a couple of options for you to reclaim those white teeth and make your smile bright and dazzling. Talk with your dentist today and find out which of those options will meet your needs the best.

Whitened Teeth Can Improve Your First Impression

In business and social situations, a bright smile can help you make a positive first impression. You might be on a first date, an important sales presentation, or a board room presentation. If your stained teeth make you hesitant to smile, others will sense your lack of self-confidence and so will you. A brightened smile can restore your confidence and cause you to interact with boldness. Teeth whitening is a great first step in improving the beauty of your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

What are the Options?

At Matthews Smiles, we offer two solutions for brightening your smile.

  • ZOOM! Advanced Power in-office laser whitening – If you need to be several shades white in one visit for an upcoming job interview or high-school reunion, this may be your best option. You will walk out with teeth that are visibly whiter than when you walked in.
  • At-home bleaching – This option will produce good results, but it will take a bit more time. It is more cost efficient for those on a tighter budget.