Over the years, technology has produced a change in something as simple as tooth fillings. At one time, dentists used silver and other metals to fill cavities. Modern cosmetic dentists use materials with a natural look to create long-lasting restorations to damaged teeth. At Matthews Smiles, we do not use fillings made of metals. Our goal is to restore each tooth to its natural appearance.

The Latest Advancements in Bonding Technology

Silver fillings have long been the standard option for filling cavities, but they have always had the potential to crack easily. Advances in bonding technology have provided a much superior option. The fillings currently used are far greater in their ability to bond with your natural teeth. It is also much easier for dentists to repair silver fillings that have cracked.

Weaknesses in Silver Fillings

Specific weaknesses have always been obvious in silver fillings:

  • They almost always eventually crack. The constant expanding/contracting of silver during temperature changes eventually weakens the silver.
  • They tend to wear down around the edges as time passes. This will eventually cause the filling to break.
  • Once the filling breaks, the affected tooth is exposed to the possibility of additional decay.
  • They are at least partially composed of mercury. When a silver filling breaks, there is a strong likelihood that the leaking mercury will stain nearby teeth and gums.

Advantages to Composite Fillings

  • Advanced technology has produced composite fillings that are definitely stronger.
  • The natural looking composites are more appealing to the eye.
  • This combination of strength and visual appeal makes the composite fillings perfect for filling cavities. The composite fillings are great for repairing silver fillings from past years and treatments.