How Much Does a Bone Graft Cost?

How Much Does a Bone Graft Cost?

Bone Graft

In order to get a dental implant, you need to have enough bone in the jaw or else the implant won’t be able to fuse correctly. Thanks to bone grafts, dentists and orthopedic surgeons have found a way to build up the bone in the jaw to create the support a dental implant needs to be successful. Dentists do their best to make the procedure easy for you and will try to give you all the information you need beforehand. However, it always helps to brush up on what you need to know, what insurance covers and what it does not, and what to expect during the procedure.

What is a Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft is when the dentist removes a small piece of bone from another part of the body and uses it as a base for a dental implant. The implant itself needs sturdy bone inside your jaw in order to fuse correctly for a successful operation. If your jaw has enough sturdy bone, it might not be necessary to get a bone graft for your dental implant. Older individuals are more likely to need bone grafts since the bone underneath the teeth may be subject to deterioration. Individuals with certain gum diseases may also need a bone graft before placing an implant. In short, the bone graft ensures the implant is successful and the patient experiences the least amount of complications during and after the procedure.

The Cost of a Bone Graft?

Bone grafts vary in price depending on the type of anesthetics used, the length of the procedure, any complications that arise, and the amount of bone that needs to be grafted. The cost of a bone graft on its own can vary between $300 and $800 depending on the type of bone used. You can use synthetic bone, cadaver bone, or bone from your own body. The two most effective bone types are bones sourced from cadavers in a tissue bank or the bone taken from your own body. If more bone mass is needed to provide a sufficient base for the tooth implant, the price will rise.

In most cases, the patient will be hospitalized for the procedure, put under anesthetics, and will need the assistance of a orthopedic surgeon. These factors increase the overall cost of the bill but also ensure that the procedure happens without complication. When all the costs are included, the total bill usually comes out to be between $2,000 and $3,500. Sometimes, dental x-rays are required as well, which can add $300 to $1,000 onto the total bill.

Insurance providers often do not cover the cost of a dental implant. However, most insurance companies will cover the cost of a bone graft if the grafting is deemed medically necessary. The majority of dental insurances will also fully cover the cost of a bone graft if the bone loss in the jaw was caused by illness, or injury and is not directly related to dental issues. Some insurance providers will cover the costs of any anesthetics and the cost of a hospital stay. This can drop your bill several thousand dollars and make the overall cost significantly less expensive. You will want to check with your provider beforehand to know what is covered and what is not.

What Should You Expect After the Procedure?

After the procedure, you should expect swelling in the jaw and bruising around the lower cheeks and jawline. Swelling and bruising are extremely common after the procedure since the area becomes tender and sensitive. You should also expect minimal bleeding in the area, and pain and discomfort as well. If any of the symptoms become too severe or are accompanied by a fever, you should call your doctor or dentist immediately. Any pain or discomfort after the procedure is normal and you should allow your body the time it needs to heal and gain back its strength.

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