Think of onlays as partial crowns. These porcelain pieces are placed directly onto your natural teeth that have been damaged or stained. Onlays can restore your smile to a natural and beautiful look. Porcelain is used in order to make it look like a natural tooth and because porcelain is strong and durable.

When are Onlays Used?

When a tooth is weak or damaged, an onlay is used to provide strength and protection for the natural tooth that remains. An onlay is placed directly onto an existing tooth and is used when the damage to a tooth is more extensive and the cusp of the tooth has been damaged.

What is the Process for an Onlay?

First, the dentist will remove any decayed or damaged portion of the tooth. After that portion has been removed, an impression of the tooth will be created. A dental lab will use this impression and create an onlay to restore the natural look of the tooth. While you are waiting for your onlay, a temporary one will be placed on your tooth. On the second visit, the dentist will bond the onlay to your tooth with special cement. Your damaged tooth will now look natural again and will blend in with your other natural teeth.