Hands-free toothbrushes

Hands-free toothbrushes

Clean teeth is an important aspect of personal hygiene yet for some it can be difficult. For those who have difficulty brushing their teeth- due to arthritis, poor motor skills or any other reason, a hands-free toothbrush might be beneficial. Numerous new varieties of automatic and cordless toothbrushes have already been developed over time. According to comparative research, certain appliances are more helpful than conventional toothbrushes at eradicating bacterial buildup. Each contains cutting-edge technology, including high vibrating patterns that effectively remove virtually all germs and grit from the dentition, while others have a U-shaped design. If you’re seeking to include a hands free toothbrush into your routine, we’ve developed a selection of the best toothbrush to look out for.

1. Amabrush

In 2018, Amabrush, the first completely automated toothbrush, was released in the United States. Amabrush is a breakthrough hands-free toothbrush that scrubs all teeth at the same time in under 10 seconds. Just push one switch, and the breakthrough Amabrush mechanism cleans all teeth and gums quickly and effectively, thereby removing the unnecessary human effort and error that conventional brushing techniques entail. Amabrush uses a series of vibrations that oscillate at distinct resonance frequencies to clean every region of the mouth softly yet efficiently. The bristles oscillate with subtle vibrations, efficiently eliminating plaque and germs on the enamel as well as the gum line.

2. Autobrush

The AutoBrush has an approved BASS cleaning technology that cleans all surface regions of the teeth at a precise 45° angle. Featuring over 30,000 sonic pulses per minute, one can clean all of their teeth in less than 30 seconds. You’ll seldom have to worry about missing a place by cleaning all of your teeth’s enamel regions in one go. User mistake is eliminated because of the 360° design. The funny animal figures and bouncy jungle rhythms are a hit among kids. The minimalistic design appeals to adults. Older folks relish the chance to reclaim their freedom. It is, without a doubt, a tooth-brush for everybody. Brush and whiten your teeth at the same time with AutoBrush Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, and the brightening led Light.

3. Oral B, Alexa built-in

To enable an interconnected bathroom, the intelligent brushing system includes a voice-activated toothbrush. The technology is touted as an oral fitness tracker that provides coaching and instantaneous feedback on cleaning frequency, length, coverage, and intensity. The tiny charging station featuring Alexa built-in requires just one charging port and provides 360-degree, elevated sound while cleaning without the assistance of a smartphone. Alexa is also able to play music, read the news, weather forecast, handle smart home gadgets, and even purchase extra brush heads. The wireless internet base instantly transfers users’ information to the safe cloud once they’ve finished brushing. Users may obtain individualized advice for development via the Oral-B Connect App, Ios Health, based on their brushing performance.

4. HiBrush

The HiBrush has a Mouth Tray that is composed of silicone that is extremely soft. It prevents bleeding gums as a result of needle-like, food-grade nylon bristles. It also comes with a Whitening Mode that couples a comprehensive and soothing ultrasonic massaging with the relatively similar UV teeth whitening solution used by experts worldwide to remove discoloration from the enamel. A thorough and delicate 15-minute everyday treatment will yield comprehensive benefits within a month. Put it back into the simple USB charging station when you’re done brushing till your next wash.

5. Go smile blue

This Hands-Free Tooth-brush washes and bleaches the teeth at the same time. It also includes a foamy whitening gel and two bleaching mouth molds. Due to its light-emitting innovation, it promises to bleach your enamel in different shades within a week with no irritation. Owing to its bacteria-killing technology, this toothbrush can also help you clear out foul breath. It also comes with a gum massager that can aid anyone suffering from periodontal illness.

It is evident that these hands-free toothbrushes come packed with some great features. For more questions about this type of toothbrush, talk to Matthews Smiles.

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