Sports Guards

It has clearly been proven by research that dental injuries due to contact sports are significantly reduced by the consistent use of properly fitted sports guards. Contact sports such as basketball, hockey, and football certainly increase the risk of injuries from traumatic blows to the mouth and jaw. If you or your child participate in these types of sports, it is worth the time and investment to get proper sports guards to protect your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. When you realize how quickly a traumatic blow could alter your oral health and the visual aspect of your smile, you will understand that it is an issue that you don’t want to ignore.

Many athletic organizations will require the use of sports guards. Many parents head to the closest drug store to pick up a one-size-fits-all mouth guard. The lack of variety in size can make them uncomfortable for some children.

Matthews Smiles provides a couple of options for dealing with this issue. We offer basic sports guards and we offer Under Armour Bite Guards. If you are interested in understanding the difference and which one would be best for your situation, please contact our office today and let us share the details with you. You will not regret any investment in the protection of the oral health of your family.