6 Reasons to Smile More- Improve Your Health and Happiness with Matthews Smiles

Say cheese! Did you know that smiling more often can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health? It’s true! In fact, studies have shown that smiling can help reduce stress, boost your mood, and even improve your immune system. Here are six reasons to smile more and how Matthews Smiles can help…
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5 Oral Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Smile

Oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile and preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Regular visits to the dental office, combined with a proper oral hygiene routine at home, can help ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. At Matthews Smiles, we want you to feel confident and maintain an oral hygiene…
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Matthews Smiles 101:
A Guide to Our Dental Practices

Dentist Provo Have you ever found yourself searching, “family dentist provo”? There are quite a few names that pop up under that search, but luckily, your search is over! Matthews Smiles is a family dentist that you can count on. For over 45 years, Matthews Smiles has been performing teeth whitening, dental implants, and other…
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Dental Implants: The Ins and Outs

Your smile is a reflection of you. But seeing a dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups doesn’t always land at the top of your to-do list. Cosmetic dentistry is important to achieving a smile you can be proud of. At Matthew Smiles Dentistry, we are experts in dental implants, as well as other cosmetic dentistry…
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Teeth Whitening Tips

When it comes to teeth, many people are concerned about the brightness of their smile. Our typical daily habits can cause stains and yellowing on our teeth that dim our smiles. Teeth whitening is a great option for lifting stains and getting back your confidence in your smile! Here, we have compiled some tips for…
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